I get it. You don't really care for fiction, as I often don't. Nonetheless, you should read Speculator, a novel by Doug Casey and John Hunt. Why should you read it? It shows the battle between the great forces of our time: the desire for some to control others and their willingness to use government and other illegitimate means to that end, versus those whose strength of character and desire for freedom present a matching, and hopefully superior, counter-force. Charles Knight is the hero of this novel and those that follow in the High Ground series. Almost losing his life before the story even gets going, he and the other characters have one surprising adventure after another. Danger, violence, intrigue, sex, and romance -- whether in the jungles of Africa or in the cities of North America -- it's all there.  Who wins in the end? Listen as I give Dr. Hunt my reaction to the book while he shares some behind-the-scenes revelations of the two authors.